18 march – The power of loving connection

Information about the journey

The power of loving connection 18-3-2018

My passion takes me to the field of attention; may I meet you there?

Do you want more understanding in what way that you connect with yourself and also to others? Do you also want to explore and learn how you can restore connection when it has been damaged or broken? Come to this day and receive clarifying insights to restoring trust in connection. Bodywork and the theory connecting communication (non violent communication) form the basis.

Start on 18-03 / 29-4 / 13-5 / 10-6
Single journey 95 euro
Round-trip to four destinations 329 euro

Registration can through sending an email to Christie@ChristieLinley.com

Location: Oostelijke Handelskade 12 N, 1019 BM Amsterdam
For questions please feel welcome to call Christie Linley Jonge Poerink 06 53114629

Should you want to do all four workshops but one of the dates does not suit, it is possible to take it in the next cycle.


The power of holding your space ​​​29-4-2018

“May your choices
reflect your
not your fears”

Nelson Mandela

On this day we explore the different ways in which you hold your space. When do you succeed? And when do you struggle? Through specific interventions and exercises you will gain clarity in the causes and resources you can address to hold your space and live fully in your glorious goodness.

The power of forgiveness​​​ 13-5-2018

Forgiveness does not change you past it changes your future

A day of sharing and defining forgiveness and the enormous impact it can have on our wellbeing. Forgiving yourself and others is a powerful way to restore the flow of life energy and create space for new experiences.

The power of an open heart ​​​ 11-6-2018

“The heart is where the beauty of human spirit comes alive”.

John O’Donnohue

Come to this day of inspiration. Journey to meet yourself within and meditation. What is present now? By giving this attention a space is created where you can connect effortlessly.


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